Team meetings on Zoom can sap the life out of even the most motivated leader. Chris Grimes a motivational comedian, and communications coach will help you put some Zing back into your meetings.


It is 8.57 am, you are about to launch another daily stand-up.

You look at yourself on the screen,  hover over the “connect” button and think to yourself……….

  1. “It is a great day and I am ready to motivate my team,”
  2. “Does anyone else find these as de-motivational as me?”
  3. “I am not sure how much life-force I have left to be sucked out of me through the webcam”
  4. “I hate these, but I will fake it until I make it”

The reality is that you have probably had all these thoughts over the last 12 months.

You hope that a return to the office or a hybrid way of working will end your online meeting nightmare.

But, deep down you know that virtual team meetings are here to stay.

So how are you going to stay fresh, alert, upbeat when you feel very different.

Enter stage right,  Chris Crimes, actor, comedian, leadership coach and wicked ping pong player

In this podcast I will interview Chris about

  • How to create a positive aura to your team when you feel different inside
  • How to reduce the pressure on yourself running team meetings
  • How to help your own manager and colleagues out when they are running online meetings

If you liked Chris and want to know more about his work you can find him on Linkedin or his website Second Curve


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