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What I love most about what I do is that I get to help individuals feel more confident in achieving their goals.   For many of the people, I work with this involves demystifying business development and providing a roadmap to winning, retaining clients.  For others, it is helping them through the challenges of balancing managing a team whilst still owning a revenue target. 

Whether performing a keynote, facilitating a workshop or coaching 121 I use a mix of real-life scenarios, best practice, and enthusiasm to inspire people to want to change how they approach their jobs. 

However, I am not a Prophet.   Whilst I can help inspire those I work with to start the process of changing what they do, without the support of the wider leadership team my impact can be limited.    My strength is in partnering with CEO’s and the executive team to craft talks and workshops that support an existing change program. 

I have delivered 100’s of paid talks and workshops in the area of business development and sales leadership.   My success is based on being able to provide practical strategies that can be applied immediately rather than theories and concepts. 

I work across many industry sectors.  However, my sweet spot is in the professional services industry (i.e Recruitment, Management Consulting, Financial services)

What are my Business Development Credentials?

My sales career started aged 11 when I used to bulk buy fizzy drinks to sell on school trips and went door to door selling car washes.    By the age of 14, I was working Saturdays in a sports shop selling high-end tennis racquets.  By 17 I was a qualified tennis coach and started a small coaching business.  

Whilst at University I spent 3 summers selling educational books door-to-door generating sales of £60,000 in 10 weeks.  More importantly, I lived and breathed sales best practice 24/7 for 3 months every year.   

Professionally I spent  7 years as a Recruiter and manager of recruitment teams.  Whilst I generated well over £1.2m in gross margin personally as a recruiter, my greatest successes came from growing the revenues and profits of the teams I managed. 

Lastly, I am actively involved in selling both SaaS and Consulting services.  I spend 40% of my time in Business Development or Sales related activities, which means that the approaches I promote are ones that are tried and tested myself.  

My Coaching & Development Credentials?

I have always loved helping people improve what they do.  This is why I became a tennis coach at 17,  why I sought out management roles and ultimately moved into a training role and became CIPD qualified in 2010.   

Over the years I have coached and trained   I have two strengths from a people development perspective.  First, I have the ability to demystify and simplify complex tasks in the minds of those I work with.   This results in lasting changes in behaviour and 90% of my clients inviting me back to deliver more training.     

Second, I excel at helping companies develop and embed operational best practice.   Between 2009 and 2014 I spent a large part of my time as an internal troubleshooter within a multi $bn US corporate.    This involved partnering with the executive team,  local sales directors and sales consultants to help improve sales performance by improving the sales process, capability and leadership approach.    In recent years I have continued to partner with CEO’s and executive teams to support development of sales best practice and sales capability with in sales teams 


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