Business Development Culture Book

Why did I write about “Business Development Culture“?

“After 15 years of working with thousands of sales professionals and hundreds of managers,  I realised that the lack of skills or process were only symptoms of a bigger issue.

It was Company Culture that was holding sales growth back.   Which is why I wrote Business Development Culture: taking sales out of the sales team”

why this book matters?

Digitization and automation have radically altered buyer behaviour and killed businesses that were too slow to adapt their models. Professional services firms have been relatively insulated from this digital revolution so far, but change is coming. And it is happening fast.

As prices become more transparent, knowledge is more freely available and markets become more competitive, simply being good at what you do and delivering on time is no longer enough for firms to attract and retain customers.

Many people still see selling as something that is beyond (or even below) them, but the reality is that generating profit should be a concern for every member of staff, and every touchpoint with customers is an opportunity to sell.

Businesses must change or die – a sales-focused business culture that extends beyond the sales team is now an essential ingredient for profitability, and this book explains how to change mindsets and build a sales culture in any organisation.

Table of Contents

Section – ONE: Adapting to Change is the New Normal;
   Chapter – 01: The Challenges and Opportunities of a Changing Market;
   Chapter – 02: The Challenge of Cultural Change in an Organization;
Section – TWO: Building a Customer Focus into your Team;
   Chapter – 03: Building the Case for Change – Educating and Inspiring your Team;
   Chapter – 04: Do Your Teams Understand your Customer?;
   Chapter – 05: Creating a Compelling, Company-wide Value Proposition;
   Chapter – 06: Streamlining the Buying Process throughout your Business;
Section – THREE: Aligning Company and Personal Goals;
   Chapter – 07: Do You Know what your Employees Want?;
   Chapter – 08: Prioritizing the Alignment of Company and Employee goals;
   Chapter – 09: Avoid the Smart-Dumb Paradox – Your Team is a Gold Mine of Ideas;
Section – FOUR: Creating a Mutually Productive Work Environment;
   Chapter – 10: Why Collaboration is Key to Integrating Sales Culture;
   Chapter – 11: How to Build a Culture of Confidence and Capability;
   Chapter – 12: Successful Performance Management in a Business Development Context