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Below are some outlines that will help you understand when I might be able to help you?

Talent Development

Your sales team is growing at speed which is stretching the leadership team’s capacity to balance the demands of running the day to day sales operations and developing their teams capability.

Challenge: The high levels of headcount growth mean that you have one or all of the following problems;

  • Existing leaders are becoming stretched by the additional pastoral and performance management needs of their team
  • Sales leaders are having to spend too much of their time training their new staff at the expense of managing the performance of existing team
  • You are promoting more of your existing team to leadership roles, where they are struggling to make the switch from billing to managing, or in some instances doing both.

Solution: I can help you design a program that either takes the heavy lifting of new hire development away or design a leadership development program that gives leaders the skills to support, develop and performance manage individuals in their team.

Typical Context:  Building of a new sales team,  rapid headcount growth,  numerous promotions to leadership roles

Meeting Facilitation

You need to bring together a leadership team or a group of leaders from across the organisation to focus on solving a particular problem or execute a strategic objective.

Challenge:  You know there are competing interests and justified concerns from each person in the room.  You need to get everything on the table if there is to be a plan that everyone buys into.

  • But who do you get to facilitate the meeting?
  • Will everyone open up and say what needs to be said if the executive leader runs the meeting?
  • If another leader runs the meeting, will everyone really believe they are not pushing their own agenda?

Solution: Engage an independent third party to facilitate the meeting
.When you engage me as a meeting facilitator we will work together to plan a meeting structure that gives everyone in the room to share their views, contribute their ideas and ultimately own the action plan that follows.

Typical contexts:  Bid strategy meetings,  strategy prioritisation meetings,  performance turnaround meetings,  Go To Market strategy meetings, US parent company strategy into locally acceptable format

Sales Process Development

You are unhappy with the levels of productivity coming from your sales team or revenue function.  Internally you have no revenue or sales enablement function that can give you an objective view of where any disconnect or inefficiency in the process may lie. Perhaps you have already invested in new head count or can only get headcount signed off when you improve current performance.  Either way you need to improve productivity and fast

Challenge: You have an idea of where the problems lie, but what is causing these problems and what might the fixes be? Finding internal resource that is objective and not already invested in the process can make it difficult to define the real problem and build a plan that will resolve the issue. 

Solution: An independent review of your people, sales process, technology and leadership to identify where inefficiencies lie. Through the process of interviews, observations with people across the revenue / sales function, I can help you identify where the problems may be.  I have 15+ experience in sales enablement where I have  supported sales and revenue leaders in improving sales efficiency and team productivity,

Typical contexts:  Bid strategy meetings,  strategy prioritisation meetings,  performance turnaround meetings,  Go To Market strategy meetings, US parent company strategy into locally acceptable format

Project Enablement

You have a change or transformation program that includes a diverse leadership team whose attention is already focused on their day to day responsibilities. 

Challenge: How do you keep the project or leadership team focused on delivering on their commitments to the project, when they have other responsibilities that keep them busy?  How do you defuse any inter-departmental friction that comes from different members of the team as the project rolls out?

Solution: As a project facilitator / enablement specialist I can support the project owner / sponsor to engage the different stakeholders, facilitate open dialogue and ease friction between different project members to ensure that objectives are met.

Typical Context: Sales process transformation, sales/revenue playbook development  and delivery of new hire training programs,  implementation of new go to market strategy

Business Development Culture

Businesses must change or die – a sales-focused business culture that extends beyond the sales team is now an essential ingredient for profitability, and this book explains how to change mindsets and build a sales culture in any organisation

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