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What Type of training do you prefer?


Our face to face courses give you time out of the office to explore new ways of working. Our workshops run in London and Bristol.

Each course features:

Half day workshop with Alex Moyle.
1 hour follow up webinar with Alex.
Access to support resources.
Exercises and tools to take away and use for yourself, or your team.


Think you know e-learning? Think again. Our online courses our social, interactive and practical. Ideal for busy professionals who like their learning little and often.

Each course features:

Four 1 hour webinars with Alex Moyle (weekly).
Fresh bitesize content delivered to your inbox (daily).
Access to our facilitated social learning platform.
Exercises and tools to download and run yourself, or with your team.

Go Bespoke


If you need to train a whole team, it can be more cost effective to go bespoke. We’ll tailor any of our programmes to suit you. We can cover any aspect of recruitment consultant and recruitment leadership training. If you don’t see what you’re looking for please give us a call to discuss your needs.

Call us on 0117 244 1212

Frequently Asked Questions


What order should I take the courses?

You can complete the courses in the consultant programme in any order you like.

Do I have to complete the whole programme?

No. You can complete the whole programme, or just cherry-pick the courses that fit your needs.

How often do you run each course?

We run one course from each programme every month in a cycle.

Where do you run workshops?

We run workshops in London and Bristol once a month. If you live elsewhere, you can go online or bespoke.

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