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The Challenge: The sales process has been transformed. Cold Calling and the occasional face to face meeting will not succeed as it used to. To succeed Sales Professionals need to be a marketer, consultant & negotiator all at once.

This course is intended to help Sales Professionals understand how to integrate marketing fundamentals into an existing sales process. Also plan how to use social media, email, the phone and face to face contact to maximize inbound leads and repeat business from existing clients.

On this masterclass you will learn how:

  • Building and nurturing networks to generate a flow of incoming leads
  • Establishing personal and professional credibility is at the heart of a marketing or sales strategy
  • Defining your target customers & understanding their needs like a marketer
  • Qualify prospective clients to ensure efforts focused on companies where effort likely to convert into fees
  • Building a detailed daily/weekly plan where consultants know who they are calling and why


Overview: How willingly do clients take your calls? How willing are they to meet you face to face? Whilst many consider phone calls and face to face client meetings outdated. The reality is that done well, phone calls and meetings can turbocharge the quality of relationship you have with a prospective client.

This course helps sales professionals make higher value sales calls, book more client meetings and excel when in front of clients.

On this masterclass you will learn how:

  • Increase enjoyment from phone activity by getting something from every call
  • Tailor approach an initial approach call and follow-up calls to increase levels of client engagement
  • Overcome common objections to open up phone conversations (using competitor, preferred supplier agreements, not wanting to meet face to face)
  • How to structure & conduct high-value face to face client meetings as a ‘business consultant’ vs ‘salesperson’ looking for an order


Overview: How do consulting firms, accountants & lawyers maintain 100%+ margins and exclusivity with their clients? The answer is that they are perceived as a trusted advisor rather than a commodity salesperson

This masterclass will help sales professionals understand how to become a trusted advisor by engaging in higher level business conversations.

On this masterclass you will learn how:

  • Use a 4 step relationship building framework to assess where relationships are today and what they need to do to become an “advisor” in the eyes of their clients
  • Research your clients so you can talk to them as a ‘business peer’ not just their need for your product
  • Simple questioning structure to convert client niggles into calls for you to help with a solution

Building a value proposition
& defending your price

Overview: Do your consultants really believe they provide a service that is better than the competition? Can they convince your clients? Working hard for low fees is soul destroying. Sales professionals need to build their belief in their service so they can charge more and defend their price.

This course will help sales professionals be confident in charging more based on their higher levels of service and ability to defend their pricing when challenged.

On this masterclass you will learn how:

  • Define “how” and explain “Why” your service is better than their competition
  • Questioning techniques that build the need for your services.
  • How to professionally defend your price when a client says ‘you are expensive’
  • A structured approach to negotiating fees where a reduction in price is exchanged for something else of value.

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