Revenue & Leadership

Sales Professionals

The challenges sales professionals face:

  • An inconsistent approach to identifying, qualifying and organising target audience
  • Staying in conversation with target clients without being seen as pushy
  • Engaging prospects as a trusted advisor rather than product salesperson
  • Differentiating service offering against competition, in-house solutions and alternative providers 

I help sales professionals to:

  • Create and organise target networks
  • Build relationships of influence using a unique 4-step process
  • Use data and market information to engage leads
  • Conduct powerful sales meetings that create points of engagement
  • Create value propositions tailored to individual clients

Billing Managers

The challenges Billing Managers face are:

  • Transitioning from a self-centric to a team-centric mindset
  • Balancing individual sales targets and team management responsibilities
  • Managing expectations and establishing boundaries
  • Creating new behaviours and inspiring accountability
  • Designing and implementing a structured sales process for the team

I guide and teach billing managers how to:

  • Transform their mindset from ‘me’ to ‘we’
  • Balance the demands of billings and managing
  • Motivate their team to perform in the manager’s absence
  • Coach and develop team capabilities
  • Run effective 1-2-1 and team meetings that lead to behavioural change

Executives and directors

Sales directors and CXOs are faced with the challenges of:

  • Building a sales funnel that everyone buys into
  • Driving both the quality and quantity of business development activity
  • Creating a collaborative environment for team success
  • Inspiring and motivating billing managers to execute a sales process and drive performance

To counteract these challenges and improve sales, I help senior leaders:

  • Define their sales model to meet existing customer needs
  • Adapt current sales processes to mirror the customer buying process
  • Motivate and engage existing teams to change methods of working
  • Implement methods of engagement across non-sales teams to achieve buy into the sales process
  • Improve collaboration between marketing and sales to improve efficiencies and sales

Part-Time Business developers

Part-Time Business Developers are: 

  • Unsure of how to sell without seeming ‘pushy’
  • Unconfident in their own sales ability
  • Lacking understanding of the process and the role they can play in the successful execution of a sale
  • Holding on to negative perceptions of sales roles

To combat this, I help part-time business developers:

  • Create a positive mindset towards business development
  • Build networks that generate leads
  • Maintain a soft sales approach with existing networks
  • Create and deliver tailored value propositons
  • Collaborate with sales and marketing teams
  • Discover sales opportunities in client meetings without seeming ‘pushy’ or ‘salesy’

Learning and DEvelopment TEams

The current challenges HR and L&D teams are facing with sales and operations managers are:

  • A reluctance to engage in strategic business conversations
  • A disinterest in HR and learning initiatives
  • Bringing in external organisations to deliver services the internal team could offer

In order to help HR and L&D teams realign their purpose and add value, we:

  • Give new ways to assess the ‘status’ of a stakeholder to aid engagement strategies
  • Teach marketing principles to engage stakeholders and build personal credentials
  • Leverage team strategy to promote solutions
  • Build support for new initiatives by leveraging your stakeholder network