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new sales professional training

NEW Sales Professionals

The challenges new sales professionals face:

  • An inconsistent approach to identifying, qualifying and organising target audience
  • Engage prospects with a transactional mindset vs focus on developing trusted advisor status
  • Fear of using the phone as a proactive tool to improve pipeline velocity
  • Differentiating service offering against competition, in-house solutions and alternative providers

I help new sales professionals to:

  • Have a structured approach to building and nurturing a qualified target list to generate new opportunities. 
  • Have confidence in using the phone as a proactive sales tool along side email and social media.
  • Conduct powerful sales meetings that create points of engagement and differentiation
  • Create value propositions tailored to individual clients
Icon sales professional training

Experienced Sales Professionals

Expereinced sales professionals can have the following challenges:

  • Lose the habit of prospecting for new clients as they develop a base of “loyal” clients
  • Struggle to adapt from a transactional to consultative approach as their client base moves into the C-Suite
  • Once sales fundamentals mastered, fail to develop wider business acumen
  • Reluctant to use KPI’s and CRM as a way to achieve even higher levels of performance.

To counteract these challenges and improve sales, I help experienced sales professionals:

  • Re-discover thier love of the fundamentals of pipeline development that made them successful when they started in sales
  • Develop thier business acumen and questioning skills to support the development of C-Suite relationships
  • Fine tune thier value proposition and negotiation skills to stand out from new and established competitors

Business development for Non-Sales Profesionals

Part-Time Business Developers are: 

  • Unsure of how to sell without seeming ‘pushy’
  • Unconfident in their own sales ability or ability to generate leads
  • Lacking a structured process when building and nurturing thier networks
  • Holding on to negative perceptions of sales roles

To combat this, I help part-time business developers:

  • Create a positive mindset towards business development
  • Build networks that generate leads
  • Maintain “marketing-centric” approach when nurturing thier networks
  • Collaborate with sales and marketing teams
  • Discover sales opportunities in client meetings without seeming ‘pushy’ or ‘salesy’

Sales Leaders that Still Sell

The challenges sales leaders who still have a personal target face are:

  • Transitioning from a self-centric to a team-centric mindset
  • Balancing individual sales targets and team management responsibilities
  • Having a “coaching” mindset when performance managing individuals
  • Using the sales process and tech tools to support team performance when they may not be leading by example
  • Managing expectations and establishing boundaries with thier team

I guide and teach billing managers how to:

  • Transform their mindset from ‘me-centric’ to ‘we-centric’
  • Develop a “coaching” mindset when managing the performance of team members
  • Change thier view of best practice, process and KPI’s from a micro-managment tool to a key to thier success. 
  • Run effective 1-2-1 and team meetings that lead to behavioural change

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