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  • Value Proposition and Negotiation


    Overview:  Do your consultants really believe the service they provide is better than the competition? Can they convince your clients?Working hard for low fees is soul destroying. Consultants need to build their belief in the service they provide so they can charge more and defend their price.

    Topics Covered Are:
    –  Define how and explain ‘why’, your service is better than the competition.
    –  Question techniques that build the need for your services.
    –  How to defend your initial price.
    –  Win-Win Negotiation skills.

    Date: Tuesday 20th, April 2018
    Location: Browns Court Rooms, St Martins Lane, London
    How to Attend: email alex@selzigconsulting.com

  • Being An Effective Manger

    Overview:  There are few jobs in sales harder than the billing managers.   Learning to balance needs of the team with the need hit their own targets takes a significant amount of time and effort.  This course is aimed at helping billing managers understand the responsibilities of their role and give them the skills to balance the competing demands placed upon them.




    Topics Covered Are:
    –  What is the role of a manager?
    –  How to balance billing and managing.
    –  Using sales process and best practice to free up the time to sell.
    –  How to give constructive feedback to a team member.

    Date: Tuesday 1st May 2018
    Location: Browns Court Rooms, St Martins Lane, London
    How to Attend: email alex@selzigconsulting.com

  • Candidate Relationships and Influence

    Overview:  Candidates have never been easier to find, but harder to engage and connect with.   The challenge that recruiters face is that if they cannot engage and build a relationship with their candidates, then nasty surprises await at the end of the recruitment process.   This course is for consultants who want to improve the quality of relationships they build with candidates and want to minimise surprises derailing the process.


    Topics Covered Are:
    –  Understanding what candidates want from a recruiter
    –  How to understand candidate motivators to build relationships quickly
    –  Gaining influence and control at registration / pre-screening stage
    –  How to present opportunities to candidates so they show more interest
    –  Managing risk through the placement process

    Date: Tuesday 22nd May 2018
    Location: Browns Court Rooms, St Martins Lane, London
    How to Attend: email alex@selzigconsulting.com

  • Coaching for Performance

    Overview:  The challenge for managers is that training new consultants takes time.  Managers who coach and develop their Recruiters build a team who that bill month in month out with minimal guidance. This course will give managers the confidence to coach and develop their teams whilst at desk.    Every successful recruiter can point to a manager or mentor that has been instrumental in their success.  This individual is more than


    Topics Covered Are:
    –  What is coaching?
    –  Performance management vs Micromanagement.
    –  Understanding individual motivators to increase performance
    –  How to coach at the desk.
    –  Running motivational review meetings

    Date: Tuesday 12th June 2018
    Location: Browns Court Rooms, St Martins Lane, London
    How to Attend: email alex@selzigconsulting.com

  • Inpsire Recruitment - With UK Recruiter


    A fast-paced and fun few hours from 5pm to 7.30pm on Wednesday 20th June in central London.  Our line-up includes a dozen five-minute presentations – all with the aim of inspiring agency and in-house recruiters, as well as HR professionals.  You don’t have to be a “recruiter” to attend but all sessions will share a focus on recruiting and/or HR.

    This event is hosted by Alex Moyle of Nurtureit and Louise Triance of UK Recruiter who is running the Recruitment Technology and Social Media Showcase event which also on the 20th June.

    Date and Time: Wednesday 20th June 2018  17:00 – 20:00
    Location: London – WC2N 5DU
    To AttendClick Here

  • How to Grow your Business


    Overview:  Operational best practice plays a key role in helping managers run bigger teams.   Yet, managers struggle to get their teams to do the same thing day in day out when they are not there.  This course is aimed at helping managers define what best practice needs to be in their team and how to motivate their teams to change.  We specifically focus on Business Development culture and the team’s ability to convert vacancies into fees.

    Topics Covered Are:
    –  What is a Business Development strategy?
    –  How to overcome business development reluctance
    –  Help your team get more from existing clients.
    –  How to improve control and influence through the placement process
    –  Creating a compelling team Value Proposition

    Date: Tuesday 17 July 2018
    Location: Browns Court Rooms, St Martins Lane, London
    How to Attend: email alex@selzigconsulting.com

  • Sales Learning & Development Conference


    Overview: As the way in which companies sell is under as much scrutiny as how much they sell, the Sales Learning & Development Conference is in place to support and share best practice with those responsible for developing and training the sales function. HR personnel, L&D professionals and in-house sales trainers attend the SLD conference because it is the only conference dedicated to those looking at the sales part of their role.

    • Only conference dedicated to those who work in L&D for Sales
    • Share best practice with fellow L&D Professionals
    • View case studies for successful sales learning interventions
    • Useful and informative interactive discussions with speakers and delegates

    Date: Thursday 29th November 2018
    Location: Ricoh Arena – Coventry
    How to Attend: Click Here

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